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Welcome to ElektricniTrotinet.com – a website where you can find everything related to electric scooters. We are renting electric scooters, buying electric scooters, selling electric scooters and maintaining electrical scooters. Feel free to contact us for any service you need!

Electric Scooter Rental

We are renting electric scooters at the best prices in Belgrade. It is possible to rent electrical scooters daily or for a longer period. When renting electric scooters, there is a possibility to deliver to the desired address.

Electric Scooter Repurchase

We are also buying electric scooters, primarily Xiaomi models. We offer fair buyback and fast payment. The purchase of electric scooters is done in our service. We buy new, used, defective, with or without warranty.

Electric Scooter Shop

We are also selling electric scooters so you can buy a new or used scooter at our shop. For all electrical scooters purchased at our store, you receive warranty and we provide service and spare parts.

Electric Scooter Repair

In addition to buying and selling, we also do electrical scooter repairs. We offer spare parts and consumables for all electrical scooters of Xiaomi brand.

rentiranje xiaomi m365

Electric Scooter Rental Belgrade

Electric Scooter Rental – Xiaomi M365

Our electric scooters allow you to drive up to 30 km with one battery charge and reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Electric scooters are equipped with helmet, locks, and chargers. We rent electric scooters per day, but long-term rentals are possible. When you rent an electric scooter, we will teach you how to use it.